Feminism Beyond the Waves

Do we need a different metaphor than three big waves to appreciate feminism today?

Considering No Wave feminisms.

Drug War Capitalism

Book review

Anyone seeking to understand capitalism’s evolving capacity to consolidate and extend its power must come to terms with the drug war.

“To Take the Land Away From the Children”

The Klabona Keepers are a small group of Tahltan families and Elders in northwestern B.C. who have been taking direct action to defend their traditional territories from mining and drilling projects since 2005.

Daniel Ortega and the Interoceanic Grand Canal

A planned megaproject that would dwarf the Panama Canal and split Nicaragua in two reveals much about both the Ortega regime and global capitalism today.

The Struggle for Access to Abortion Today

Abortion is a safe, legal, and common medical procedure, but in the Maritimes and in northern and rural communities across Canada, there are major barriers to access.