Regression Analysis

Where have Atlantic Canada’s regressive labour laws left the region’s casualized, non-unionized, and precarious workers?

In Atlantic Canada, where a succession of corporate-compliant provincial governments have created an environment conducive to scabbing and receptive to the business lobby, workers are bargaining not with employers, but with fear, fragmentation, and poor prospects for a stable future of work.

Mexico’s Education Standoff

When Mexican teachers went on strike to protest President Enrique Peña Nieto’s neoliberal education reforms, the state, backed by major financial institutions, cracked down in a bloody attempt at democratic suppression. What does the teachers’ fight signal for the future of public education?

An Interview with Richard Van Camp

Catch up with Richard Van Camp, our creative non-fiction judge in the Writing in the Margins contest.

Accumulation by Dispossession

Corporations are after the resource-rich land – not sustainable, fair employment.

Winterizing is Political

As winter descends, #NoDAPL water and land protectors are preparing for a long haul resistance against the violence of the military, police, and capital.