Tags – Activism

  • Courting collaboration

    How the uranium industry bought the Village of Pinehouse, and what residents are doing to take it back

    Pinehouse residents Fred Pederson, John Smerek, and Dale Smith all feel like they have been wearing targets on their backs since their names appeared in a lawsuit filed in June.

  • “An irresistible force”

    Longshore unions and the fight for freedom and justice in Palestine

    Before dawn one Sunday in June 2010, nearly 1,000 people converged on the Port of Oakland in northern California. Following a well-devised plan, they marched to the dockside gates of SSA Marine, one of the world’s largest shipping corporations, and awaited the arrival of the Israeli cargo ship Zim Shenzhen.

  • The gentry have landed

    Hipsters, progressives, and the battle for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

    Capital and community are colliding in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as developers and politicians dispossess low-income residents of one of their only assets: their neighbourhood.

  • Hunger’s empire

    The insistent threat of the hunger strike

    What does it mean for Guantanamo Bay prisoners to assert their essential human dignity, and to seek justice, by choosing to starve? From freedom fighters under the British Raj to Chief Theresa Spence and the detainees of Guantanamo, physician Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay explores the insistent threat of the hunger strike.

  • A homegrown genocide

    The nutrition experiments conducted by the Canadian government on malnourished Native children are part of a long history of experiments in nation-breaking that continue to target children. Being open and honest about what was done to these children and their families is a first step in truth telling about our shared past.

  • Thomas Mulcair should drop acid

    I know it sounds desperate, but a hallucination or two might open up his mind a bit. Perhaps he’ll realize that he who plays good cop forges his own hand cuffs.

  • Good ideas are not enough

    Book review

    Crass sees “collective liberation” – a term borrowed from an essay by bell hooks – as a “vision of what we want and a strategic framework to help us get there.”

  • Social spaces summit

    Do it together

    Through the intersections of social centres, strategies for change emerge.

  • Down in a Hole

    Imprisoned activist Alex Hundert on incarceration and solitary confinement

    This is the kind of place where Ashley Smith died in 2007. It is also the kind of place where Julie Bilotta gave birth on a cement floor last year.

  • No force more powerful

    The Idle No More movement in photos

    Nothing can really convey the power of moments where people come together to realize their collective strength, but we thought we’d try anyway