Tags – Activism

  • The battles in New Brunswick

    A Mi’kmaq resurgence in action

    A grassroots Mi’kmaq resurgence is bypassing Indian Act leaders to protect the land and confront the colonial power that operates through the revolving door between government and industry.

  • Chevron’s Pacific Trail Pipeline is the one to stop this summer

    Stopping Chevron’s Pacific Trail Pipeline this summer could be a decisive event in the history of pipeline resistance.

  • The scandal of immigration detention

    The injustice of immigration detention is a national disgrace.

  • Are there “good protesters” and “bad protesters”?

    How can we adopt the best practices for protest without creating divisions among activists and those in the struggle?

  • Against TransformUS: A timeline of student resistance

    Charting the student movement at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Art and the ones missing

    Ai Weiwei and Walking With Our Sisters

    In China and in Canada, artists are finding powerful new ways to commemorate the victims of ongoing government policies and inaction, to honour the dead and the missing, and to call for accountability.

  • Beyond the wheelchair

    Rethinking the politics of disability and accessibility

    How would the world look – for everyone – in light of a larger social project oriented toward universal design, collective access, and the recognition of a diverse range of embodiment?

  • Imagining black vancouver

    Experiments in reclaiming city space

    How does one reclaim city space, even if just in the imagination?

  • Tarsands divestment and its discontents

    Can a new campaign curb the fossil fuel industry?

    Leading activists discuss the strengths and possible pitfalls of a burgeoning campus movement to have universities divest from the fossil fuel economy. Can the campaign succeed?

  • Science and liberation

    Science as human curiosity, as authority, and as business

    In the midst of the Harper government’s war on science, we must reconsider how science is done today, how it might it be done in a better society, and what its role is in the struggle for a just and sustainable world.