Tags – Activism

  • On the Front Lines of the Great Lakes

    Tarsands sacrifice zones

    The Great Lakes region is the most important hub for tarsands projects outside of Alberta. Climate activists are working to connect local resistance in front-line communities with the broader movement to halt tarsands expansion.

  • Season’s Hauntings

    What if instead of Scrooge, the ghosts of past, present, and future haunted his exploited clerk Bob Cratchit?

  • Gabor Maté: On Storytelling, Health, and the Ruling Class

    Part two of Ryan Meili’s conversation with Gabor Maté.

  • Our Infrastructure of Dissent

    Letter from the editor

    Organizing ultimately comes down to building relationships.

  • The Class Politics of Pipeline Resistance

    As anti-pipeline campaigns rise to the forefront of activist activity, do environmentalists need to re-evaluate their engagement with affected communities such as Toronto’s Jane-Finch neighbourhood?

  • OKComrade

    Will you be my comrade? On comradeship and the relationships that sustain, nurture, and inform activism.

  • The Peoples’ Social Forum

    What is the historic gathering of activists and organizers meant to achieve?

  • The battles in New Brunswick

    A Mi’kmaq resurgence in action

    A grassroots Mi’kmaq resurgence is bypassing Indian Act leaders to protect the land and confront the colonial power that operates through the revolving door between government and industry.

  • Chevron’s Pacific Trail Pipeline is the one to stop this summer

    Stopping Chevron’s Pacific Trail Pipeline this summer could be a decisive event in the history of pipeline resistance.

  • The scandal of immigration detention

    The injustice of immigration detention is a national disgrace.