Tags – Activism

  • Interns unite!

    (You have nothing to lose – literally)

    If decent, full-time work is getting harder to come by, the same can’t be said for internships, whether unpaid or barely paid. From street protests to online campaigns, the emerging intern activism is one part of the wider effort by fresh actors to reformat labour politics for precarious times.

  • Defunding the public interest

    Conservative strategy and the fight for the PIRGs

    Some PIRG supporters fear that adopting controversial positions will provoke attack. Especially after a defunding effort, PIRGs tend to endure a chilling effect during which volunteers and staff can be seduced by “neutrality” and engage in self-censorship.

  • The combustible campus

    From Montreal to Mexico City, something is stirring in the university

    The neoliberalization of the university has produced its own antagonists, and it is from the ranks of those who stand to lose the most from this transformation – students and academic workers – that the greatest conflicts have emanated.

  • Letter from the editor

    Quebec rising

    The tenacity and vibrancy of the Quebec student uprising is delivering a wake-up call to the left across the country.

  • Incubating ideas

    Fernwood celebrates 20 years of radical publishing

    Fernwood has given hundreds of visionaries a voice they’d otherwise lack, taking financial risks many publishers avoid.

  • Ban the blood services ban

    Activists challenge the prohibition against gay donors

    The first and only time he gave blood, Nick Shaw felt like a hero. The Canadian Blood Services (CBS) advertised a clinic at his high school with posters, announcements over the PA system, and in-class talks by teachers and nurses. Blood donation was touted as a moral imperative.

  • Why strike support isn’t enough

    Lessons in solidarity organizing on the one-year anniversary of the postal strike

    In the current climate of government attacks on the public service and on collective bargaining across Canada, the need for community organizers to build relationships between workers is now, more than ever, an essential part of mounting an effective challenge to austerity.

  • United against austerity

    A round table discussion on taking back Toronto

    At the same time, the austerity assault continues in Toronto and across Canada with slashes to social services ranging from libraries to daycares, emergency services, and public transit.

  • On to Ottawa in marvelous, meandering prose

    Book review

    In June 1935, hundreds of unemployed men took to the rails in what was dubbed the On to Ottawa Trek. The Time We All Went Marching is the story of one woman on the cusp of change.

  • Letter from the editor

    Beyond inclusivity

    Our efforts to organize more co-operatively must go beyond inclusivity. For power to be truly re-distributed, we must pay particular attention to the voices that have been most silenced by global capitalism.