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  • A homegrown genocide

    The nutrition experiments conducted by the Canadian government on malnourished Native children are part of a long history of experiments in nation-breaking that continue to target children. Being open and honest about what was done to these children and their families is a first step in truth telling about our shared past.

  • Thomas Mulcair should drop acid

    I know it sounds desperate, but a hallucination or two might open up his mind a bit. Perhaps he’ll realize that he who plays good cop forges his own hand cuffs.

  • Good ideas are not enough

    Book review

    Crass sees “collective liberation” – a term borrowed from an essay by bell hooks – as a “vision of what we want and a strategic framework to help us get there.”

  • Social spaces summit

    Do it together

    Through the intersections of social centres, strategies for change emerge.

  • Down in a Hole

    Imprisoned activist Alex Hundert on incarceration and solitary confinement

    This is the kind of place where Ashley Smith died in 2007. It is also the kind of place where Julie Bilotta gave birth on a cement floor last year.

  • No force more powerful

    The Idle No More movement in photos

    Nothing can really convey the power of moments where people come together to realize their collective strength, but we thought we’d try anyway

  • Sovereignty and social transformation

    Quebec has much to teach social movements across Canada

    In the final days of Quebec’s 2012 election campaign, many journalists and federalist politicians warned Canadians of the dangers of a Parti Québécois victory. Progressive movements across Canada have a lot to learn about what is made possible when the question of independence is raised.

  • Interns unite!

    (You have nothing to lose – literally)

    If decent, full-time work is getting harder to come by, the same can’t be said for internships, whether unpaid or barely paid. From street protests to online campaigns, the emerging intern activism is one part of the wider effort by fresh actors to reformat labour politics for precarious times.

  • Defunding the public interest

    Conservative strategy and the fight for the PIRGs

    Some PIRG supporters fear that adopting controversial positions will provoke attack. Especially after a defunding effort, PIRGs tend to endure a chilling effect during which volunteers and staff can be seduced by “neutrality” and engage in self-censorship.

  • The combustible campus

    From Montreal to Mexico City, something is stirring in the university

    The neoliberalization of the university has produced its own antagonists, and it is from the ranks of those who stand to lose the most from this transformation – students and academic workers – that the greatest conflicts have emanated.