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Human relationships are mediated by complex systems of power and privilege that determine our access and entitlement to health, safety, employment, dignity, home and belonging. As power becomes increasingly concentrated in the dominant classes, divisions and inequality based on race, gender, class, ability, sexuality and religion, among others, are becoming more prominent. These articles look at how these systems of power operate to divide us, and how we can overcome them and work toward a common humanity.

  • You’re One Or The Other

    2016 Writing in the Margins – Honourable mention: creative non-fiction

    2016 Writing in the Margins – Honourable mention: creative non-fiction

  • That’s My Team

    Writing in the Margins Winner: Best Regina Entry

    Winner of the “Best of Regina” category in the sixth annual Writing in the Margins contest.

  • Brother

    2016 Writing in the Margins – Honourable mention: poetry

  • Obsidian Stone Wiya

    Writing contest winner: creative non-fiction

    Creative non-fiction winner of the 2016 Writing in the Margins contest.

  • No Line In Time

    Writing contest winner: poetry

    Poetry winner of the 2016 Writing in the Margins contest.

  • The New Threat Threshold

    What Project SITKA reveals about the basis of pernicious surveillance of Indigenous activists

  • Decolonizing the Toilet

    At the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the student-led Fallist movement is seeking institutional transformation that would uproot the deeply embedded ideological traces of apartheid and colonialism.

  • Bombardier in Israel

    A corporation’s complicity in Palestinian dispossession

    Bombardier is contracted to supply trains for a high-speed rail line in Israel that will travel across the Green Line and through the occupied West Bank – a blatant violation of international law. While Palestinians are fighting against this newest iteration of dispossession, many Canadians are financing and profiting from Bombardier’s activities.

  • The Anti-Somali Feedback Loop

    The feedback loop between harmful media representation and legislation has imposed a massive burden on Somalis who arrived in Canada to escape war. For 30 years, it has impacted employment prospects, access to education and housing, and the freedom to swiftly rebuild lives.

  • The Bonnot Gang

    Two book reviews

    Reviews of The Bonnot Gang: The Story of the French Illegalists by Richard Parry and Without a Glimmer of Remorse by Pino Cacucci reveal compelling insights into the history of French illegalists.